Be our guest: What to expect from a Temple’s wedding (the guest experience)

Weddings aren’t only about the bride and groom (okay, they’re mostly about the bride and groom) and at Temple’s Country Weddings we understand that your guests are also an important part of the event. After all, these are the friends, family members and co-workers that you and your partner have chosen to bear witness to your special day, which almost makes them a part of your marriage itself.

As you plan your wedding, we know you want your guests to have a wonderful experience at your wedding, and walk away with something to cherish for years to come.

Our goal is to provide a magical experience that will have your guests wishing they could experience the beauty of a Temple’s wedding just like yours. Here’s what your guests can expect from a Temple’s wedding, and how they can make the most of the celebration, and your legacy.

Expect to be appreciated

We want your guests to feel as valued and appreciated as you do, because they are a big part of the story that will become your marriage and your life together as partners. If your guests have dietary requests, you can rest assured that our experienced serving staff and chefs will ensure those restrictions are honoured. Mobility issues? No problem, Temple’s Country Weddings is fully wheelchair accessible, so all your guests can experience the joy of your union in marriage.

Expect to be comfortable

Our brides and grooms are often indoors and outdoors for wedding events, so it’s important that your guests be comfortable. There is no dress code here – wear what will make you comfortable, warm and cozy. You won’t need to worry about where to leave your outerwear once you’re in the warm and cozy indoors; we have plenty of space for you to leave your coats and boots and put on your dancing shoes.

Photo by Shayla Kirana

Expect to be delighted

You’re going to love the atmosphere at Temple’s! We pride ourselves in inviting our brides, grooms, and guests to be part of the Temple’s family, to share in the celebrations and festivities of a wedding day. We really feel that it’s the little touches that make a big difference for a wedding, and we work hard to make sure you and your guests will feel special from arrival to departure. Visit our gallery to see firsthand the kinds of personal touches we use to delight our guests (and brides and grooms, too!).

Expect to experience the culture of the area

If you’re not from the Lanark County area, you’ll love how we use local ingredients as much as we can (especially the maple syrup we make right on the property!). Our bar features the flavours of local breweries and distilleries and is a great way for visitors to try something new. Our chef loves to find ways to incorporate local flavours into our menu options, so chances are good you’ll have a sweet or savoury local experience here.

Expect to fall in love

It’s not only the bride and groom who will be in love at Temple’s! We guarantee that you will enjoy your experience so much you’ll be wishing you could renew your vows or book your very own Temple’s wedding experience. And if you fall in love with the Temple’s property and want to experience it again, you’re welcome to come back at any time to pick up a bottle of maple syrup or join us for our famous pancake brunch in March and April. If it’s not maple syrup season, give us a shout ahead of time to make sure we are available and that a wedding isn’t happening so you can drop by and say “Hey.”

Our doors are always open for family, and at Temple’s, you’re family.

Photo by Shayla Kirana

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