Say yes to a winter wedding and discover the magic of the season at Temple’s Country Weddings

Five reasons why you should consider a winter wedding experience at Temple’s.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! So many choices to make, starting with the first (and biggest) question – when will the big day take place?

Sure, spring and summer are typically considered the “wedding months,” but don’t rule out a winter wedding when planning your big day. At Temple’s Country Weddings, we love helping our brides and grooms create a magical winter wonderland in Temple’s 200-seat timber frame venue. A central fireplace, fairy lights and a warm and cozy setting will add to the ambiance indoors, while twinkling stars and a soft blanket of snow will complete the outdoor experience.

Spring, summer, fall, or winter – you can have the wedding of your dreams any time of the year at Temple’s, where you combine a quintessential Canadian experience at an operating sugarbush with memories that will last a lifetime. Think of the charm of offering taffy on snow as part of your hors d’oeuvres, or a horse-drawn sleigh ride through a real maple sugarbush. It’s #maplemagic at Temple’s!

And let’s face it, winter isn’t going anywhere, so why not turn the season into one of your favourite seasons for the rest of your life? Read on for five reasons why you should consider a winter wedding.

  1. No more weather stress

Remember that expression, “Happy the bride the sun shines on?” When you choose a winter wedding, you can take one stress off your plate – the weather. It’s already cold outside! The weather is no longer an issue. A little bit of rain? No problem. Snow? Great! Bring it on for even more fantastic photos. Sun? Sure, why not? You can choose to incorporate the outdoors but otherwise you’re snug as a bug inside Temple’s Country Wedding’s cozy and intimate venue.



  1. You can create a magical winter wonderland

Have you ever taken a moment to bask in the frosty hush of a winter’s evening, gazing up at the stars in the midnight sky, newly fallen snow covering the world in a white blanket that makes everything so clean and bright? Everything seems more magical in the winter, especially when it’s chilly outside and you’re warm and cozy indoors. Make your winter seem a little shorter by adding the excitement of a winter wedding.

  1. Take the road less travelled

How many summer weddings have you attended? Summer is a popular choice, but why not break out of the mold a little bit, and get ahead of the pack? Choose the road less travelled with a winter wedding and you might be surprised by the feedback you get from family and friends. Plus, your attendance will probably improve – who will be away on summer vacation? Nobody!

  1. Imagine the magical photos

If you think a summer wedding is beautiful (which is true!), a winter wedding has one thing that a spring, summer, or fall wedding will never have – snow. Beautiful, white, clean snow. A snowy backdrop makes for the most amazing wedding photos – the white dress for the bride, the dark suits or tuxedo for the groom. Plus, at Temple’s we are also pleased to offer our guests a beautiful grand fireplace that makes for a cozy and romantic backdrop for photos, not to mention a snowy sleigh-ride through a maple forest.  The photo ops at Temple’s are endless!


  1. Honeymoon in the Caribbean – and every year afterwards

Picture the beauty of a winter wedding, taking photos outside in the snow, with the stars twinkling behind you for the perfect backdrop. Then imagine that the next day you and your new spouse fly off into the sun to honeymoon somewhere where the average daytime temperature is 30 degrees Celsius. Sandy beaches, unlimited cocktails, and bikinis in the sun await! Now imagine that every year afterwards, your anniversary falls at the same time of the year, giving you the excuse to have an epic vacation year after year!


Of course, every season has its benefits – fresh and green in spring, warm and lush in summer, vibrant colours and crisp air in fall – but a winter wedding is always special. At Temple’s Country Weddings, our priority is making sure your wedding is everything you could dream it could be, no matter the season. And our favourite time of the year is winter, partly because right on its heels comes spring – and maple syrup season!

Contact Temple’s Country Weddings to chat about your plans for a magical winter wedding, and make sure your wedding is one that’s talked about for years to come. We’d be happy to give you a tour! Or visit our galleries page to see the magic we’ve created for other winter brides and grooms.

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