How to Choose Your Wedding Venue

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Choosing your venue can be one of the toughest decisions in your wedding planning process. Each venue has pros and cons. Pricing and inclusions are often quite different between similar venues, leaving you confused.

Asking the right questions before you book can ensure you get what you expect with no surprises.

Try to narrow your search down by researching online, and plan to visit your top three. Take lots of pictures at each venue tour and try to ask the same questions at each venue so you can compare them. Try to stay calm…it’s hard, I know.

Share as much as you can about what you would like on your wedding day, so you can be quoted properly. Flexibility in dates can be your friend, as many venues book up to two years in advance on prime dates.

You will likely get a feeling for the venue, its services and whether it is a good fit for your wedding vision when you arrive or by the time your site visit is over.

Go home…do the math and make an informed decision that will leave you feeling secure that the venue will provide you with everything you need to make your day unforgettable.

This list of 65 Questions to Ask Your Bridal Venue from is quite thorough.

Moira Wilkie – Operations Manager – Temple’s Sugar Bush

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